A peep into atheism

I am not writing to convert atheists, but just trying a little to understand the phenomenon that’s so prevalent in France (where I stay); I think in India, it is not so open, but if the lessons are not learned, religion will give into it. It is interesting to see that there are many Muslim atheists too (even in Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and number is not very small; the profession of atheism is not so easy there). Thus it is a world-wide phenomenon. I would only like to see some of the reasons of why Christians (and Catholics) become atheists. This is just sharing some of my thoughts after talking to a few people and reading few books, and not a researched study.

Some of the reasons I think are

  1. Discrepancy between the teachings of Jesus and Christian witness (we don’t need to study rocket science to understand this primary reason).
  2. Lives of the Church hierarchy or those in powers, which include many issues of abuse of power, sexual abuses and how such cases are dealt with. [With power comes responsibility…I am hopeful that things are slowly (yes speed is slow) changing with Pope Francis.]
  3. Difficulty to engage people with the questions related to science. [First of all, many in the authority don’t know much about science, especially problematic theories like theory of evolution/big-bang theory. Many Christians (definitely not the official church teaching) still believe that world was created in exactly 6 days. Sadly, I know a learned Jesuit who believes in this creationist theory. A lot of engagements need to happen in this direction.] More than anything else, an atmosphere to discuss has to be created.
  4. Believers say that religions give a moral compass to the persons. Whether it is true or not, we see church still struggling with questions like patriarchy, gender equality, inclusion of people with LGBT orientation and so on. Many surely get dismayed when these issues are not sufficiently dealt with.
  5. Prayer services unable to create an experiential dimension. [I should say that this is exactly the reason for the success of Charismatic movements].
  6. We see many atheists (from birth or converted) living life much better than the believers (honest and interested in justice). (Wonderful believers and their amazing life is not forgotten here).
  7. If we see world happiness index (and many such parameters), we see irreligious nations in the top. [I used to speak of Sweden because of their extremely high rating in the happiness index — and thus great peace in their country. But one of their dirty secret is their economically powerful arms trade industry. So all things are not heavenly there too].

I stop here; purpose of the article is not to convert atheists, but their lives give prophetic messages to believers.


  1. I guess a majority of people need some external guidance, while those that transition to atheism actually show the greatest leap of faith—letting go. Trusting yourself and charting your own path in unbelief certainly carries a stigma though. Merely by not believing the story we are vilified somewhere to the realm of pedophilia. Most atheists I know are very cognizant of their integrity because it all falls on them as their own guide of right and wrong. I know I am much more aware of myself and my actions now than I was as a believer. People seem to need reassurance as well, while that same reassurance brews anxiety. You can never change your consciousness and the churches capitalize on those failures.

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    1. Thank you for the question… I don’t know what in my write up made you feel so… I don’t think all non-christians are atheists… They are believers, who are different from Christians…. We all can collaborate for various activities as we do today… The purpose of the article was only to look within the Christianity and do a self- criticism and not to criticize atheists or people of other religions….


  2. the desperation for evidence for their believes dogs every Christian. They want to pretend that since there are people who don’t agree with them, then their magic prophecies will come true.

    It’s been a couple of thousand years and still nothing.

    So many Christians need to convince themselves that atheists don’t agree with them because of some “trauma”. This is done so they can ignore the reasons we actually have. The complete lack of evidence for the events of the bible is the reason I don’t believe in your god. I suspect you don’t believe in other gods for that reason, no evidence. You only ignore that problem when it comes to your version of Christianity.

    Christians make up their religion in their own image and they can’t agree on much of anything, so why believe your baseless claims?

    Unsurprisingly, religion follows science, never the other way around. Religion gets shown wrong and then reluctantly accepts reality.

    Prayers fail ever time and Christians do their best to ignore that problem by their invention of reasons why this god doesn’t pay attention to what the bible says.

    Yep, atheists often live much better than theists. We don’t find we have to believe in baseless nonsense, that we have to lie to excuse our imaginary friend, etc. We aren’t stuck with a book that has a vicious ignorant god invented by xenophobic agrarians a couple of thousand years ago, that commands rape, advocates genocide, and then works with its supposed archenemy. murdering a family and then being completely idiotic in Revelation.

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      1. The claim that Christians believe baseless claims…. When I do self-criticism, it doesn’t mean there are so many wonderful people who live their lives extremely beautiful… The best example in the modern day are people like Mother Theresa, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther and many others. They are not minorities by any chance. Their faith has empowered them and they have acknowledged. The faith has also empowered many others who might not living the best life, but a good life…. The problem with the question of God is God is a reality which can’t be proved beyond a doubt. I think if that reality can be proved, then it is longer God. Definitely that mystery dimension makes God difficult to accept for many. It is their choice. I don’t make a judgement that they are doing wrong or anything…


      2. Mother Theresa claimed that suffering was good for people, but she took herself to one of the best modern medical facilities in the world. So much for her lies. Martin Luther was a anti-semetic twit. Dorothy Day is part and parcel of the RCC’s lies about how miracles happen, although she does seem to have done so good socially except for her fear of sex.

        Their faith hasn’t empowered them at all, other than to make other people miserable.

        God is not a reality, and can be shown not to exist since there is no evidence for it at all, despite all of the claims made in the bible that should leave evidence all over the place.

        Your “mystery” is just an excuse. And it is such pathetic nonsense ” I don’t make a judgement that they are doing wrong or anything…” You ceratinly do try to judge and then make false claims like this “I stop here; purpose of the article is not to convert atheists, but their lives give prophetic messages to believers.”


  3. I am cause I don’t what to tell people -or myself- what I should do or how I should live my life without good evidence.

    Could I potentially believe in a God if there is evidence? Sure. If there is evidence for a good will I automatically assume it to be the Christian God? No.

    Thank you for writing this. 🙂

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  4. I think why people believe what they believe is partly due to what the want to believe. And that comes through a variety of life experiences. Some people go through the same things, yet they arrive at different conclusions. But to one really searching, nothing but the truth will ever satisfy.

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