Insignificant to Worthwhile

I was reading a book, and suddenly a terminology from the mathematics textbooks made a lot of sense beyond the realm of mathematics. Those who have studied mathematics beyond the premises of school would have come across differentiation/calculus. 

I would just give a few basics of differentiation. For example, ‘X’ is an alphabet (variable) used to denote the distance traveled. dX is an infinitesimally small change in X(very very small change; change in distance is negligible compared to distance). In mathematical language, I could write dX<<X. Now another variable is time, denoted by t. And the infinitesimally small change in time is given by dt.

Now dX, dt are very negligible numbers compared to X or t. But the formula given below is very significant and it is of high value. The formula and the value are not negligible.

My simple insight is both the terms (in numerator and denominator) are negligible quantities, but when they enter into a proper relation, the answer (speed) became extremely significant. It is no more in the league of negligible. 

Everything in the world (including each one of us) are negligible/insignificant in many ways. But two/more insignificant things in relation (appropriate relation) have the capability of producing something significant. Do find relations that can make life worthwhile and meaningful. 


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