Life as a Game of Dice

As I continue reading the book, ‘How One Might Live’ by Todd May, there was another inspiring passage. It speaks of the game of dice. I am modifying it slightly to convey the point.


There are two dices, which are in very good shape. The numbers one to six are written on each of the 6 faces. I am playing a game where the both the dices are thrown and you see the outcomes (number of the side facing up). If you remember some of the school lessons in probability,  36 outcomes are possible like (1,1), (1,2)…… (6,5), (6,6). So the chance of getting an outcome (3,3) or any other as both the dices are thrown up is 1/36.

Now there are two persons playing the game. Person A has some outcome in mind, and he won’t rest till that outcome arrives. He is desperately  trying for that combination to come. Then we have person B who plays the game freely. He is not looking for any specific outcome, but is happy with any outcome and move ahead with that result in life. Deleuze (and Nietzsche) says this example of two persons to convey the message that the person A is conformist who is just looking for one single option and forget to live the life. Person B is not worried about the option, but whatever options do come, they continue to live the life with joy and satisfaction. Person B respects the chance (luck/whatever you call it) and struggle/live with it.

Although they are probably atheists (or agnostics), these options can be easily applied to our spiritualities and life of relationship with God. Let’s imagine a troubling problem and there could be different options/solutions to the same situation.

Person A has found out the perfect solution by some means. He prays to God and asks God, “Let my solution be granted by you, as I have prayed for it and I will be praying in the future too.” We are not interested in how he arrives at that solution, but he knows the answer and he wants God to just grant it for him.

Person B hasn’t found the perfect solution, but is willing to accept any of the options. He prays to God , “Let any solution come, be with me and help me to live that solution.”

It is good to check where my spirituality stand? Is it a spirituality which commands (requests) God to grant my option or does it ask God to walk with me whatever option arrives? Am I interested in the blessings (consolations) of God or in God?

Afterthought: [I feel some philosophers (and many are atheists) do challenge me more in my spirituality than the pious preachers].

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