Friendship with Youth

Friendship Day Greetings to all….

As it is the friendship, it was perfect to write something very personal about friendship. May be, I am little shy for it. I will grow into it.  In the recent years, I always used to hear such comments from various kinds of leaders like Youth have gone stray, Children doesn’t show respect to teachers, Youth are not interested in church, they are victims of drugs. There may be some truth in all these, but are general statements like it worthwhile? Can we seek for underlying answers than doing the blame game. (I am sure many have found some sort of answers and work in a different paradigm altogether. Kudos to such people)

One of the major statements in the religious circle is youth are not interested in religion. But I also hear that Youth are interested in spirituality. So probably they are not interested in normal ways of carrying out religion which is not giving much God AMDGexperience to them, which may not be empowering them. But religious places which has a right mix of spirituality and piety still attract people, and even youngsters. The famous philosopher Nietzsche said, ‘God is dead’. As I interpret it, it is a declaration on the death of our false images of God, a God who is pushing me to a slave mentality; but it could also be an invitation to understand and experience true God. So this silent rebellion from the youngsters against the religion is an invitation to make religion/religious place for a place for experiencing true God. Jesus says, I came to give life and in its fullness.  If the church can’t do this, they are not giving God to them. So the youth rebellion could be seen as a prophetic voice rather than arrogance and disobedience. (I am not saying that whatever youth does is right and whatever religions do at present is wrong)

Another common complaint is against youngsters and the school children and their behaviour is schools and colleges. It is said that older generations respected the teachers, whereas it has gone down in the modern generations. What could be some of the reasons? They are not learning what is useful for them; education is not giving them job; fc2b875aa8b097e0b6365629ffbc350beven if it gives, most of studies are not used, but the in-house training in the company is more relevant. The methods employed for teaching can’t catch up with the competition provided by social media and internet. Teachers are not to be blamed completely. They are not empowered in many a times. The syllabuses and teaching methodologies are not updated appropriately. Again they are a prophetic voice calling for changes in the teaching and learning methodologies. Here a concerted efforts of many agents (not just teachers) is required. Children will respect the teacher when teacher adds something really productive and relevant for his life. (As a person, you are called to respect all. But teaching is a profession; people would respect you for that profession when you show that expertise in the modern period). The worst problem is that the teacher should be able to give something to each ones who are so radically difference; unlike past, difference/uniqueness is held strongly. (Being a teacher is really really difficult and the society hasn’t recognised it)

Thus the friendship day is an invitation for the larger Society to build friendships with the young. Their so-called rebellion has many prophetic messages. Listening to those messages and responding can be a help to create that deep bonding between different generations. Else we will keep on glorifying the generation gap and move on criticizing everything.



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