What makes something meaningful??

As I am reading and learning about the philosophy of science, I will start from there. There is a famous school called school of Logical Positivism, and one of there idea is connected to the meaningfulness of any particular thing. For something to be meaningful, it has to be scientific and for something to be scientific, it has to be verifiable. After a few years, connection of scientificity and meaning was dismantled by the philosophers themselves. Surely all at that time didn’t agree to the idea of this school regarding the meaningfulness.

When we glance through the history, there are different aspects that are the guardians of meaning giving enterprise in different times. Religion was one such aspect in the olden times. Later some thought it was science. Some think power and money are the items which make things meaningful. In the present context, one of strongest contender for this is nationalism. If the statements uttered by you could be connected to the prevailing trends of nationalism, it has meaning. Otherwise it is meaningless and something to be trolled. Another aspect is the amount of emotions it can raise in others so that more can support you

Can meaning at some point in history be only defined by one ideology? Can’t each one have unique and varied meaning making strategies and paradigms? Something has a meaning for me. Does it mean everybody should have meaning too?

Believers would attribute God as their meaning giving entity. I subscribe to it. But I don’t know non-believers don’t have any options. We have seen many atheists and others leading meaningful lives. So they have their own means. So let me not judge it.

Whatever is it, let people find meaning in their lives, in their activities, in their own unique ways to make life more relevant..

Let’s not be the judges to that meaning making enterprise.

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