We live in the post-truth world where we see great expressions of feelings (better word is emotions) from the politicians and other significant personalities which are considered truer than the facts themselves. But it is doubtful whether they are their genuine feelings or whether it is created emotions for the sake of it.

Another side of the story is we have extremely talented people committing suicides. We rarely see poor people committing suicides (they do only when their integrity is questioned to such an extend as in farmer suicides after debt etc).  Even people who are committing suicides in the midst of terrible failures have some reasons to commit suicides (although they are not justifiable). But I think the worst group who don’t have much reasons are the so-called successful people choosing the line of suicides.

It is good to ask whether our culture encourages the expression of true emotions and feelings always. (It encourages expression, but is it the true one? Or is it encouraging expression of powerful emotions only?) Does it allow the person to be authentic to oneself and authentic in front of others.

We live in a culture where vulnerability is not appreciated. I was just reading about acupressure today, which speaks of different points in human body which could be massaged appropriately to heal many different types of pains and sickness. But all of it can start by accepting the pain and the presence of the pain in a particular part of the body. Working on that pain can bring a holistic healing.

In the same way, humans have emotional, spiritual and mental vulnerabilities. It is not so interesting to showcase them. But rather than hiding them, not looking at them, we should work upon them by accepting them. This can lead to a holistic growth. (As you are more successful, there is greater chance of you being reluctant to show vulnerability). As we climb ladders of our life, let’s not forget that we are still humans and vulnerabilities doesn’t reduce our achievements.

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