Events/Process and Objects/Points

Today I was reading a little about Quantum Physics and theory of relativity. The theory of relativity gives a lot of importance to the frame of reference (the place of observation). A simple example could be, when we observe a stationary cow from a moving train and stationary train, the effect is not exactly the same. The things are much varied when we deal with things which are moving very faster. Thus our absolute claims are being questioned.

We all have studied about atoms, electrons and protons in our school classrooms. We are taught to think of them as particles moving at high speed. They are more of space than matter. They speak about the probability of finding them at a place. The exact location is difficult to obtain.

We have the famous theory of evolution, which would speak about the process. All the aspects of this theory may not be accepted everywhere, but process aspect can’t be denied too.

9c554b1992d938a96a02f219eeedc8d9--quotable-quotes-quotes-quotesWe are all familiar with the sayings connected to success; success is not the result of one-time effort, but that of a process. Somebody even said that failure is part of a process called success.

The nature/reality is revealing to us as process/events than points/objects. It is an invitation to see that our identities are evolving; our understanding of God, our meanings of life are evolving; ethics evolves. Everything is evolving. (As a Christian, I don’t think God is evolving, everything else is). But evolution or process doesn’t mean the identity is being lost.  Reality is dynamic; not just static.

The reality invites us to accept process/evolution happening in our life and life situation and to embrace them rather than absolutizing things/ideas/concepts. This is the process of inventing, discovering  and creating me.tumblr_mc0rea3D2i1qzdjdxo1_500


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