Revelation of Reality

Someone said, “The reality reveals itself depending on the way you approach it”. Science might doubt this claim; artists and other creative people would easily subscribe to it. Even Quantum Physicist would agree that there is no absolute picture of the reality, but the revelation or the behaviour of the particles would depend on the fact that whether we are observing or not. So is the revelation of reality so relative?

Any person approaching the reality with a scientific mind would say that scientific laws are objective. Whether I am sad or happy, whether I approach or my friend, the revelation is scientific terms remain the same.

But beyond the realm of science, reality comforts people who have varieties of feelings and emotions. A happy couple would enjoy the beach; Beach also comforts a person in depression. A good friend can be a companion in joy and sorrow. The religious people go to the holy places on joyful occasions, shattered situations and normal circumstances. This reveals the multi-facetedness of the reality, some dimensions are captured by science, others by art, music, philosophy and so on. The multi-facetedness of God is captured by different people, different cultures and traditions.

1It is true that our attitude/context is a determining factor in the revelation of reality. But it is not limited in the ways we approach. It has freedom and it reveals; it is our freedom to experience it or not. A person watching the beautiful sunset getting an extra-ordinary experience or inspiration is not just motivated by his/her openness or style, but something beyond. (Religious, especially Christians would call it grace)

Just like an infinite Onion, which could be peeled infinitely, all reality (God, nature, creation, Humans) are all mysteries and attempts to capture them are futile. Let us enjoy the revelation of reality and enjoy the pilgrimage the reality is allowing us to make into its inner sanctuary.

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