Difficulty to be a teacher

I happened to get an opportunity to take 6 classes of one subject for the bachelors students. It was surely a subject in which I have a firm grip. But when you discuss the same with a class of 70/80, it is an experience. It is a pleasure to teach, but it is all the more pleasing when students gets the sense of the subject. I am sure, I have a long way to go in that. We had some form of evaluation at the end of first two classes. There were many points suggested, the most common being I was too fast. This is normal and I could work on it.

But this was a powerful experience for me; Knowing the subject is one thing. Conveying it is yet another thing. It becomes all the more difficult (or to use a better word challenging) when the class is extremely varied. To pitch at different levels, to make different people understand the same things using different techniques. I admire those great teachers, who is a wonderful teacher for the majority in the class. I too desire for that same spirit.

As I have some interest in philosophy (teaching and living it), I too echo the spirit of the image below


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