Prisoners of System

In sociology, we speak of the institutionalization of the charism as a need of the hour so that the charism survives. Surely there are associated problems and short comings. But today, I would like to reflect on the charism/system created by a person or a group of persons, and they themselves becoming the victims of the same.

Today we are discussing of Nyaya-Vaisesika system of Indian philosophy. Their inferences and intellectual rigour is amazing. For them, the soul is an unconscious substance and knowledge is an accidental property of the soul when it comes in contact with an object. (let’s not judge everything with a modern scientific mind; it was written ages before). So liberation is attained through knowledge and in that stage, soul just exists in an unconscious stage without any feelings like a StoneSome other schools would criticize this aspect; one even said that one devotee of Krishna would like to be jackal in Brindabana (Krishna’s abode) than being a stone. In this aspect atleast Nyayas are a group who became victims of their system. They were so rigorous in their entire system of approach, and you follow all this to reach a stage of stone-like nature.

When we think of Jewish pharisees and the criticism of Jesus against them, we see the same characteristic. The laws were given to me for the well-being of humans; the pharisees made more laws and made them sacrosant. They became more important than everything. images.jpg

I know of a christian priest (cant say the name) who adopted a new model of being a missionary. But as time evolved, his model became irrelevant or didn’t have much takers. But he was very reluctant to accept this reality. Just because I developed this system or I am used to a system, can I say no to the existential changes required with other developments?

It is all the more true with regard international relationships like India-Pakistan, South -North Korea, Iran-Saudi Arabia and many more. Both considers the other as the enemy and the root of all problems. But staying on such an existential system of mutual blame is not helpful and we should move to something beyond, so that the people in the borders and others who are affected have a glimpse of peace.

Another striking example happens to most of us. We are all part of groups, societies, associations. When there is a problem to judge, Will I look for honesty and fairness or will I look for my group or system loyalties? This was a major problem for catholic church when they had to deal with clergy sexual abuse scandals.

Many of our systems include strong sense of patriarchy, racial and class feelings, very forms of superiority etc. We are the captives and carriers of our own or society’s unjust systems and we in turn victimize others; When we will go out of this vicious circle?

light-particle-wave-first-photo-e1425384602975.jpgAll of us are forced to produce systems of beliefs and ideas on the basis of which we live. It can’t be in a constant flux. But can the systems be flexible and porous enough for dialogue to happen? Can we throw away my own created systems when it is outdated?

I used to abhor LGBT issues. But these days, there is a greater freedom within me, to accept them. My beliefs like LGBT marriages are not the best thing and all still stands; but I can respect them too. May be, if tomorrow research in science conclusively proves that orientation is an innate thing, all will loose any right to criticize them. Whether that happen or not, I don’t have much rights to judge them. I don’t accept that act, but accept the persons. I know I am still growing and evolving… and I hope I won’t become prisoner of the philosophy I learn and research, but be open always.

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