Creative Opposition

We see the growth of right wing politics in different countries around the world (be it India, US, Philippines, UK), which is surely a sign of post-truth society. They are more exclusive rather than inclusive. They try to give their own definitions to nationalism. And these definitions are drilled into the people with the help of social media and others; many of such leaders are extremely charismatic too (I don’t like them, but need to admit this quality of theirs). There are signs of the growth of right wing parties in different parts of the world; France showed it could be an exception. But I think these are the times, the role of opposition parties come to the forefront. It is all the more crucial considering the fact that these countries have some form of democracy and the opposition is entitled to play a creative role.

I am not extremely familiar with all the countries, but could comment on India. We too have a strong right wing government in the country. The situation has not become extremely bad for the rich and the middle class, but for some sections of society, it is already tragic. In the name of beef possession and consumption, many are lynched, attacked and killed. (Suddenly cow has become more valuable than humans). There is a deafening silence from the side of authorities and they rarely do condemn the attacks(occasionally they do it for the name sake). But what the opposition is doing? They are like a sheep without shepherd. They organize a protest march once in a while; sometimes I feel these leaders are without any ambition. Or have they  realized and resting in the hope  that nothing could change for next couple of years?

These are the occasions when we need creative opposition leaders with innovative ideas. They are just allowing the ruling party to dictate the news of the day by showcasing several types of polarization? What about the farmers in the country who are suffering? The ruling party didn’t want such issues to come to the forefront and the opposition plays such a nice game of not doing anything for them other than an occasional press-conferences. Even when you see the presidential election, the ruling party played a tactical move of appointing a seasoned politician, but a dalit, with a focus on the Dalit vote banks. The opposition was stumped; they lost the election even before the campaign started.

What are the major issues in the country? It could be nationalism, Hindutva, GDP growth, GST. It could also have been situation of farmers, problem of development for all, growing inequality. When both of the groups could be issues, 2nd group is more critical. Why can’t opposition raise such issues and held the government responsible? Why are they not doing their responsibility to the country?

I dream of the day when government will be a government of all……


I dream of a day when the opposition will remind the government of the poor??  


I wait for the day when we have a challenging, creative and critical opposition


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