light-particle-wave-first-photo-e1425384602975In Physics, it is an accepted fact that light behaves both as waves and particles. At one point of time in history, scientists were trying to find the true nature or light, as particles or waves. But later they realized one nature cannot explain all the properties of light. They saw light behaving as waves in some cases, as particles in some others. Finally the dual nature was accepted. Wavicle is a name coined much later to denote that. There is an interesting picture of wavicle taken by a a group of researchers, where light is shown both as particles and waves (the first one of this kind).

I quote from a book about the particle-wave nature, “the more we try to localize a fundamental entity as a particle, the more it spread out in the region of space time exhibiting wave nature and vice versa”

Based on these two incidents, some of my observations are

  • How can something have two natures. Anything could have 2 properties, but 2 natures? Now it is scientifically proved. Whether the dual nature of light has any influence on the identity/nature of other realities? Even the nature of human beings? Do we have a single nature or dual or more?
  • The more we try to be certain about one nature, the other nature becomes less certain. Is it an example of the mystery of the universe, failing to be captured by our instruments. Is it also a hinting onto the mystery of the humans failing to be captured by the theories and categories? Is it also pointing towards God who is beyond these categories, and how can we capture him? (we can know some attributes, but not knowing his nature fully)
  • Another interesting aspect, all the light particles will behave in the same wavicle forms when put under same connection. There is a unifying nature. But human nature is being defined in the web as ‘the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioural traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans.’ It is something really doubtful, whether there are things shared by all humans, as today we see people with all sorts of uniqueness.

The developments in neuroscience along with philosophy and social sciences may help in the future to understand the question of identity, to understand our wavicle sort of nature, which could be a great help in dealing with various struggles and difficulties.

(I think the question of human nature and one’s identity is intimately connected. )


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