Creative Thinking

It is a very attractive word in the modern world. Industries want people who can think differently in research, management and in sales. Freedom to foster creativity is granted, just that it needs to be reflected in the output.  Creative thinking is encouraged in research, communications, entrepreneurship and varied fields. Where it is not appreciated? Where it doesn’t happen?

Let us analyze what are some of the factors that encourage or motivate creative thinking.

  • Passion to achieve or do something different. A desire to contribute something to the world.
  • A search for the happiness from the conviction that you have contributed something to the world.
  • Attractive money available (may be for a few and number attracted by this reduces as they look for greater dreams. Great scientists are not the richest persons).
  • An environment which encourages creativity.

In many of the fields like science, technology and management,  many of these factors do exist and people are appreciated for new modes of thinking. Some of the fields where I feel it is not happening or more needs to happen are?

  • To have an Indian Christian theology (Liberation theology emerged from latin America;)
  • Alternative interpretations of nationalistic feeling. (Right wing ideology tries to control the interpretations of many concepts/terms and other interpretations are stifled/trolled.
  • The whole question of development (The countries are developing, but the benefits are not reaching all sections of the society. The gap between rich and poor is increasing. Tickling down economics is not working. )
  • The questions of Peace, War,Terrorism and the arms trade of rich countries.
  • Dalit and Tribal Development ( I don’t think nothing is happening here, but more could be done.

Why there is lack of creativity in the above mentioned areas? Surely most of us will agree that they are significant areas. Some of the reasons I feel are

  • Lack of freedom or support
  • Issues are complicated that networking and collaboration is required to get creative NEW answers.
  • Unlike science, global solutions are not available; but glocal approaches are required which required deep study, commitment and vast experiences.

It’s my great dream and wish to contribute something in these lines…..

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