Touch of a Pioneer

Jesuits were pioneers in many fields in the past, but today the number of fields where we are pioneers have drastically reduced. Being a Jesuit, the question of being a pioneer  makes a lot of sense to me. Pioneers dreamt of something which was not even present in imagesthe wildest dreams of many. They prepare a way for others to follow. People never thought of climbing Mount Everest or reaching moon, but once that was achieved, the attitudes of millions of others changed from impossible to something possible. A pioneering experience brings an attitudinal change in the thinking of many. We have many strange examples of such pioneers.

  • Daniel Kish, who was born blind, likes hiking and is a biker along with many other things. He uses a method called echolocation, a process of seeing with sound.
  • Nick Vujicic, who have a life without limbs (no hands, legs), gave motivational talk to millions of people and is a happily married family man.
  • Jadav Molai Payeng, a simple Indian, created a jungle of 1360 acres single-handedly.
  • Roger Bannister breaking 4 minute barrier for 1mile running, which was considered nearly impossible to break. Many others followed the pioneer soon.
  • Jesus, who taught on the cross that forgiveness and love is possible even in the most difficult situations was a pioneer.
  • Gandhi who overcame the mighty British empire by a fight guided by non-violence.
  • Victor Frankl, who could find meaning of life even in the concentration camps of World War II.

Untitled-1-RecoveredThe simplest example and model of touch is the touch of mother, which is such a powerful experience for the baby. The touch of social activists like Medha Patel, touch of Mother Theresa and similar people, touch of husband and wife for each other are really pioneering touching in the ordinary sense.

The touch of these pioneers or atleast with their experiences  can help us to bring the required changes in life. Just as their lives inspire many, they also invite the people to  be pioneers in bringing solutions to modern-day problems.

For me, the most needed requirement of today is PIONEERS of PEACE. 

Willing to be an agent of touch of PEACE??


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