Farewell – Adios

As I sit here in Mumbai to write my last blog entry before I move to Pune, a place I love, for my further studies, there are several feelings running through me. I have always been a traveler and being a Jesuit further helped me to do it. All the places I have stayed for longer duration (Kerala, Rourkela, Mumbai, Pune, Belgaum) or for shorter duration have made a difference in my life, made me what I am. It is always amazing to live with the people and they teach you many things. I don’t think the picnic will do the same.

What are the benefits of moving around? ( When I discuss this, I know that few have the privilege to do it as a choice. I also dread the fate of those migrants who dread the adios and there is no one to welcome them)

  • It brings a variety of new experiences in life. It doesn’t allow you to be stuck with the status quo (if you are willing to learn) and allows you to grow.
  • It breaks the monotonic nature of life. (it is a pity few can afford it)
  • Farewells also have an emotional and healthy side, when everybody praises you; they speak about your good qualities. It is all the more significant when the other person is honest with you. 
  • It also fills you with gratitude remembering about those people who have played a part in your life.


For me adios is an integral part of growing into what I am.  

It is a means of discovering my true identity

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