Purpose of Holidays

I am back after a refreshing holidays. A time in which we just relaxed, ate good food, slept well and played. I made my commitment to myself to blog daily, but I conveniently gave a break for that too. I am sure very few people in the world could afford a holiday like this. Ya, there are another huge chunk of people who can afford leisure in smaller doses. And there is larger majority who can’t afford it. The opportunities for leisure are extremely bad for women than men, poor than rich.  But many cultures (tribals) and many farmers do take leisure in some form or the other. Workers get one or two days off from work; students get off from school. What are purposes of leisure and holidays and do we achieve it?

  • To take a break from the monotonous schedules or the gruimagesesome work; (to come back refreshed with new energy to the same monotonous work)
  • Time to enjoy with somebody you love. (those moments can be special and can enhance the relationships)
  • For some, it is time for new ideas, new projects.

Some questions pop up in my mind

  • Do I take holidays and use it properly?
  • Do I give workers and others (under me) sufficient relaxation opportunities?
  • Whether the ground breaking ideas/innovations of the world originated during leisure or at extremely tensed moments. (I am not sure of the answer, but each may have its own share)


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