Today was the last day of the retreat. Just like entering into a Silent retreat is not easy, exiting too is difficult. Not because, I am so used to silence; but the real world is a difficult playground than the chapel. It is the struggle of living the retreat; there is no point in doing the retreat to stay in the chapel.

So we were meditating on the resurrection. It is so pleasing and we pray for the joy and peace as the graces. But then came another aspect of the risen Lord, the Lord who is divine; who can move through the walls; who can’t be captured by the images and concepts. 

The resurrection was also an invitation to go beyond the symbols and images of God to experience the risen Lord who is formless. It is an invitation to widen to the infinity my Understanding of God, to understand the limitations of our concepts of God (though they are helpful and required). Thus it is an invitation to truly pray to God in Spirit and Truth.

I wrote more from experience on all the other days of retreat; today it is more from my desire. I have just a very little glimpse of that formless dimension. Much more to be explored. No wonder, the great St Thomas Aquinas stopped writing about God after his mystical experience. 

As I end this retreat, my prayer is may I be present to Jesus as he is present to me.

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