Giver or the Gift

Most of us give gifts in some form of the other and we receive too. In a retreat, after a few days, the question emerges to you, are you seeking the giver or the gift ? With so many issues to deal with, I want many gifts, like love, compassion, forgiveness and many more. But you reach a point where you say, I stop seeking for the gifts and now look to the giver. It can be part of a realization or part of your irritation with the over-emphasize on gifts.

Some Understandings would see giver need to be present in the gift. (It is questionable whether it is true of all modern gifts.. but surely in a true gift). There are some ocassions when giver and the gift becomes one.

  1. In Catholic traditions, Eucharist is one such place where Jesus is the giver and gift.
  2. In sex (as I understand & not in sex for fun), each of them is a giver and gift to the other. (I think active sex life with a proper Understanding of sex is an antidote to the divorce culture).
  3. A true martyrdom for various causes where that person is both.
  4. Any plant being chopped down for any reasons, any animal killed for meat.

But in our day to day dealings, this is not the case in many ocassions. So we could reflect

  • How much I can be present in the my gifts ( inexpensive smile to expensive ones)
  • How much I will seek the giver of the gifts rather than just that material/emotions.

Let’s us give authentic​ gifts and receive them with sincerity. Thus may our relationships become better, and not bitter.

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