Hopping to Hope

She uttered, “Hope”.

John: “Why she is uttering Hop, Hop in the morning? Is she telling me to jump from the bed? After learning few English words (she can speak quite well now), she has gone crazy.

John was a miserable young teenager – that’s what everybody calls him. He can’t understand why he is so? He has tried to change, but his nature is so rebellious to change. He hopped from the bed; ocassional instance of obeying her instantly. He was ready for breakfast. His mother always wondered how he could be ready so fast, but never entered into the freedom of her teenager son. They respected boundaries, at least seemed to show so. Today she was not there at home. He can peacefully​ go.

The steamed Idli fumed at seeing the arch rival John. Papa’s favourite is his enemy. He always wondered why all three in the family doesn’t have a single common like. They are too much of the unity in diversity. As he was going out, he heard again, “Hop”. He felt like laughing.

He started his bike (he was 18+ and had an official license) and disappeared into the wilderness of the city. He didn’t offer the other any opportunity to peep into his outside activities. Two characters of him, outside and inside, never met each other except on the bike. They never talked. Each knows when to be active and they respected the boundaries. He reached back home and again she uttered the word, “Hop”. He was wild and irritated. He just murmered: ” My entire life is hopping. How much more I need to hop? ” But he was frightened to start a fight with her.

He was in a hopeless dichotomy, hopping from one misery to another in search of some change. He was still happy that parents are  not back home. He took hold of the remote of the TV and was rushing through the channels. He came across the favourite serial of his parents (obviously he hated it), he just saw it for a minute and the name of the character Pratiksha brought memories to his mind. She was his first girl friend. She was the only one who saw something beautiful in him. She saw some meaning in his life. But he was too adamant. She was only the girl friend of his outside character. When she tried to cross the boundary and became the girl friend of his other side, he dumped her. But that name Pratiksha brought some peace to him.

He heard again, “Hop”. He pitied her pronunciation. Yes, it was Hope. Some ray of Hope is flashing in his life and he is slightly hopeful.

* Pratiksha/pratisha means hope in some of the Indian languages

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