Faith, hope, love vs certainty​

In Christianity, faith, hope and love are called the theological virtues. These are extolled even in other religious traditions; even personality development studies and positive thinking schools support and encourage them as vital values or virtues to be imbibed.

A famous quote would say ‘doubt is not the opposite of faith, but certainty’. If there is a surety, what to have faith for. We are sure of it.

A scientist doesn’t hope for a stone which has gone up to fall down, but s/he is sure of it. Hope as an attitude originates when things are unpredictable/messy. 

Love between two persons are not with the hope that everything will be rosy and certain, but the love will help them to sail through the difficult patches of life.

Science and scientific mentality preaches about surety, certainty and accuracy. (It is a different issue that we can encounter unpredictability even in quantum theory.. but not in ordinary normal science) . If we look with that eyes, faith, hope and love are meaningless.

None of us are fully scientific in everything. But a desire for certainty (which I possess) makes it very difficult to trust. In my Jesuit vocation, as in any vocation, there are lots of uncertainties. But there is a beautiful invitation from Jesus to trust, to move with faith, hope and love and I hope to imbibe these virtues a little more. 

Life where everything is certain would be a robotic life. Faith, hope and love adds blood and energy to make that life meaningful and joyful.

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