A word, which is not a like to my ears (at least for my ears). It is uttered so often in the personality development classes in the cliche saying “failure is the stepping stone to success“. I am not arguing against the public view that there is great truth in it. I am more interested at the response after failures. I could see 3 responses

  1. Accept it graciously, move towards success
  2. Reject failure, and probably live in denial.
  3. Making a martyrdom out of the failed situation and start something new.

All of us might​ take all the 3 responses at some point of time. But it is significant to see what is our preferred mode of response.

I am still unsure of my preferred mode; but I became aware that I use the 3rd model in many ocassions to save my name (ocassionally it gives a better name too). Thus I ask that same person on the Cross (who too was a failure) to teach me how to accept failures graciously and still continue to Love

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