Love & Like

Most people know that they are not the same, though many of us would struggle to give an exact/satisfying definition for love. I am not trying to preach on love, but to share how preaching on love has helped me.
Some of the definition of love which I believe are, Love is much much more than a feeling; it is a decision to accept and do good to another person. In all cases, it needn’t involve a like. Loving a person who did terrible harm to you may not involve a like, but a desire & decision that the good prevail for him/her.

Now keeping these in the background, retreat brought us to the awareness of Love, especially that unimitable sign of love expressed through the Cross. And we reflect on how we love? (It may not come close to Jesus, still…)

I have a definition of love; definitely it is not in the head only; I have absorbed it to some extent. But many a times, I confuse it with like. A person I love (s/he) doesn’t and shouldn’t need to do what I like. I pray to the same crucified Lord to let this go deep into my heart so that I truly love.

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