In a retreat, it is one of the common themes we run into. So there is nothing so special​ about it. I was reflecting and praying about my wounds. I was under the impression that wounds get healed, but it is a life long process. 

But the priest who was guiding me pointed me to the Cross, Jesus crucified on the cross. (It is strange that for last couple of  months, I was more keen on Risen glorious Lord than the crucified one; even during Lent. There is definitely nothing wrong in it. But for me, a reluctance to accept my wounds and shame; after all crucified Lord is marred and is  in shame.)

Yes, he can teach me on forgiveness. Being with him and listening to the heart beat of the Jesus on the cross, I can learn to forgive. This is heart to heart talk and this is not intellectual knowledge. So difficult for a head level person like me, but it is interesting to experience.

(We need to carry our cross, but we shouldn’t when there is a way out from the present struggle). The completion of my cross and healing of the wounds leads to Resurrection experience. I won’t experience the JOY without integrating and accepting the pain and suffering.

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