Mysterious ways of God

According to most religions, God is omniscient, omnipresent as omnipotent. Still every retreat (even normal experiences too) is an experience of Understanding this God working even in our brokenness. It is but natural to ask why? I don’t have a fool proof answer, but my gut feeling says it’s because God is compassion and love personified.

According to Christian Understanding, God creates all of us in freedom and he respects that human freedom. Even when he works in our brokenness, he respects our freedom to remain. But if I take one step to move towards healing, if I seek him, he takes much much more steps than me.

God is just waiting for my initiative as he respects my freedom. The prodigal father in the parable of prodigal son runs towards the son; brings new sandals; the sandals are worn on feet and feet represents the past history and it indicates the future journeys. Thus the symbolism means father is blessing the broken past and consecrating the future (even future is and will be broken, may be less).

Only problem is the transformation or healing is not instantaneous for most of us unlike Paul or the prodigal son. Can we presevere along with the God who is labouring with us in this healing journey or process? 

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