It is probably the emotion many of us are not happy to live with, especially​ for a longer period of time. It is normal that people can be sad/depressed for a shorter period of time because of some loss or failures. Thus sadness as a feeling is perfectly normal. When it extends for longer periods of time, feelings get immersed within us and become emotions or moods which are dangerous situations.

As Christians, Jesus came to give a life in it’s fullness, which is a life of joy and not of sadness. Pope Francis constantly invites us to be joyful believers and witnesses. How to overcome sadness?

  • Being grateful for the goodness and beauty existing in your life.
  • Understanding the root cause and bringing healing in that area. 
  • Forming friendships with joyful people.
  • To pray costantly for the grace of JOY.
  • Do something creative and fruitful in life so that you feel that life is worthwhile and meaningful

Each one has his own resources to overcome sadness and to lead a Happy​ life.

Let’s Find it & Use it

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