Red Beacons

Red-Beacon.jpgRecently in India, a decision was taken by the government of India to remove the red beacons from the cars of many many officers and limiting the red beacons to very few people in positions. It is a classic example of politicians and authorities loosing one of their many privileges (it is not a big issue at all).

But I read in the newspaper about the comment made by a politician, who said that without the red beacons, s/he has to stand in the queues of tolls and many other places, which will prevent them from reaching the places of their engagements at the right time.

This was one of the excellent manifestations of hypocrisy. Is their time more valuable? How much people gets irritated when privileges are taken away?

Such privileges are part of every life and it is difficult to leave them once you start enjoying them. It is true not only with many politicians (exceptions are there), but also with many other officers, priests and people who occupy positions of independence.

We occasionally come across the images of some world leaders who behave as ordinary citizens once they relinquish the post.

Can I differentiate between the Post/Responsibility and the Person/Identity??download.jpg

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