The 3 letter GOD motivates many people, is  responsible for the conversion of many people and gives meaning to the lives of many people. It is again a word abhorred by another set of people for various reasons. The word is responsible for many social and charitable activities happening in different parts of the word. It is used as anWho-is-God-Web-Banner.jpg excuse for wars and fundamentalism in some parts of the world.

What is God and Who is God? Some may have an experience of God, but you can’t define him theologically, sociologically, psychologically or scientifically. In many cases, our liking or disliking of God is connected to the images/concepts of God which we have learnt/heard/experienced. 

So questions of what is God/ who is God is answered by people based on their images. The images are either created by following a dogma or by a personal experience or the combination of both.  For me, who is God? (this is not an exhaustive answer, not the perfect one, my answer for today, it will change with my experiences). Mine is created by the combination of Christian belief and my experiences.

God is a personal being (person) with the characteristics of transcendence and immanence. It goes well with the Christian understanding that Jesus is both human and God. Even it goes well with the saguna and nirguna understanding of Indian philosophy. I don’t exalt one of the two, but they are mutually intertwined into each other. This God is love and mercy, which are his natures. The main problem is I don’t display the characteristics of God whom I follow and the images of God which a newcomer receives from my action is not always a great one. 

made-of-God.pngThe image on the right (a Christian Image) is quite encouraging;  but it also reminds of the tremendous responsibility on believers. Today many hate God not because of God, but because of the lack of congruence between the images of God practiced and professed.

Hoping for a day when the so-called believers like me can live a little closer to the image of the God we profess.

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