Sameness = Normal

I happened to watch the movie ‘The Giver’. It speaks of the successful attempts to create a community of same type of people, where everything is monitored. There is no opportunity for deviations and they claim it has helped them to achieve peace (artificial one), where there is no fights and violence. It makes us feel (movie hints too) that our world of joys and sufferings is much better. 

quote-schools-serve-the-same-social-functions-as-prisons-and-mental-institutions-to-define-michel-foucault-120-5-0517.jpgThe Michael Foucault may be considered slightly extremist, but there is a greater truth in what he says. Parents want their children to be normal and disciplined. Schools want their children to be disciplined. Countries wanted their citizens to be normal. Is being same the only way to be normal.

The rise of right wing extremism in many parts of the world do follow the same practice, to reduce the differences and to create a whole which is same everywhere. It will also explain why deviance/divergent opinions are very much hated in these countries. quote-Audre-Lorde-in-other-words-i-would-be-giving-200345.png              Even in agriculture, the attempts for single crop over a huge area of land has destroyed the biodiversity of the ecosystem creating long term problems. Variety brings life to art, music and any creative venture.

Another attempt to bring sameness comes in the pretext of creating unity. There is the misguided assumption that diversity has to be satisfied for unity. My country is a place where unity includes a celebration of the diversity (though there are attempts to destroy this definition of Unity, it is still very much there).

Is sameness the best thing?? If you don’t think, act accordingly. It is easy to be deviant as a teenager, but later we all become advocates of sameness. So show some courage…

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