Hobby Ministry

In today’s counselling session, this was one of the main issue that came up – hobby Ministry. As a Jesuit, my mission or work is assigned to me by my superiors in consultation with me. It may or may not be the one I am extremely passionate about. But as a Jesuit, I am called to do it in the best of the abilities and many do it.

The situation is also similar for many working people. They have the freedom to choose, but many may not be doing the work they are passionate about. A common statement we hear is seen in the picture given below.

This is ideally the best one. But it is not possible for the majority of our people.

Another option is to find appropriate hobbies/interests and to incorporate it in your schedule. They could be connected to your passion and they can give you satisfaction. It doesn’t affect your financial stability too. They are good ways of leisure too.

As a Jesuit too, I too have my hobby Ministry. One of the significant one is reading and the second is online ministry, including writing blogs. With regards to reading, I do get lazy occasionally, but I enjoy it.

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