People Oriented

Today we were having classes on conflicts. (I am not gonna say everything that was discussed there). But we spoke about two types of people (goal oriented/people oriented people). Nobody is 100% this or that, but may be somewhere in between. (eg: 70% this and 30% other). I am more of a goal oriented person. But my dream as a Jesuit today (it may change later) is to a be philosopher with human touch. I have a lot of work to do with myself to reach there.

I happened to watch the movie, Will Hunting. The movie had Will Hunting being a genius, extremely well read in everything. But the human touch of his psychotherapist professor opens a different area of relationships in his life.  (I rarely watch movies. But this was an amazing one. I do recommend it)

If many more great geniuses of the world realized the importance of humanity or human relationships which is far beyond my discoveries or inventions (many do), the world would have really seen progress or development as the well-being of all and creation. The two quotes below echoes the sentiment of many in the world.


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