I may have starta1ce9d4e14f3f6a19fbf78b3ba6bdf37ed on a preachy note by quoting Pope Francis in the beginning. Men always accuse women of being involved in gossip. This accusation goes beyond the cultural differences. I don’t agree to this accusation as men too are equally guilty of gossip; definitely the styles may be slightly different

The gossips affect the rich and poor. Only that the degree is slightly different. The effect of the gossip is directly proportional to the sensationality of the news and popularity of the person.

I too get involve in gossip occasionally.  When do I gossip and why do I gossip? Some of the quick reasons are..

  1. When I am low at my self-esteem.
  2. When I don’t have anything to talk ( and I don’t want to shut my bloody mouth)
  3. When I need to justify myself and critique/put down others.
  4. When I don’t want to talk to another about ourselves and fill in the time by talking about others.bb229b528a1196adf3a3e23cd83d41e9

Our hearts can’t remain empty; We need to work to throw away the junk, and fill it with something creative, productive and worthwhile.

  1. Build the self-esteem. Not an easy task, but necessary to do.
  2. Be constructive with words.
  3. Learn to be gentle, firm and direct critique.
  4. Be ready to be …..



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