A saying goes like this, “Don’t put spiritual band-aids for psychological wounds and don’t put psychological band-aids for spiritual wounds.” It could be extended to include physical wounds too. Is this saying true always?

BandaidMany of us have experiences of these type of wounds. How we heal it? One normal way to answer is .. use the appropriate band aids for  particular wounds. When this is true, there is an other side to it too.

We have heard of psychosomatic ailments. Our emotions (negative like u forgiveness, guilt, hatred) suppressed and repressed for years turn out to be responsible for many illnesses. Thus medicines for many of the ailments like ulcers, migraine and others could deal with the symptoms and forget the cause. A psychological band – aid would be required at such instance. Thus surely we need a combination of both.

Similarly, we could use a combination of psychological and spiritual band-aids for both of psychological and spiritual wounds. But the problem arises in cases of over-spiritualization (spiritualize everything) or when you say psychology can solve everything.

Human being is an integrated whole, where different components are integrated into our being. Being broken in different areas is extremely normal. Healing procedures should capture the integrated nature of human being and avoid overtly stressing one of the components like psychology or spirituality or physical healing.

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