Jesus says,” Be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate”. It is attributed as the quality of God. The other major religions of the world like Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism gives a great importance to this word; it is a pity that very followers of all these doesn’t practice the same. It is easy to criticize, but what can we do?

From one of the sessions I am attending, I heard a powerful definition of compassion; Compassion is getting into the brokenness of another person and helping him/her to heal the situation. The definition is of a Jesuit priest, but used in a counselling setup. But this could be very well used to see the life of Jesus. Jesus became human to enter into our brokenness and underwent the passion and death to heal our brokenness. So he is a prototype of the word compassion.

We too have a similar role. We have a responsibility to bring healing to ourselves and then to bring healing to others. Both the aspects of compassion (entering into the brokenness and being agent of healing) requires effort from our side.images (1)

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