downloadMasks are a common phenomena in our daily world. Many of us do wear it in some form or other. In drama or plays, it is quite useful to use one; but whether it helps in reality is a question to ask for. If it doesn’t helps, why people wear? So surely, it is convenient for many. It helps many to get the  required perks. 

What is the aim/purpose of human life? Some would say .. to be happy/contented/joyful. Some would say that everyone has a unique role to play in this world.  The Bible quotes Jesus and says that ” I have come to give life and life in its abundance”. This is an invitation for all to live a life in all its richness and beauty. I believe this (though I have come nowhere close to this)life_small.jpg

If you analyze life from this perspective, masks are a problem. I wear masks to fake others. Although this is profitable, I wont happy. I may not able to remove all masks, but should tore away the basic ones. 

I find the more dangerous ones are the masks which we wear to fake ourselves. We might ask why I need to fake myself, but we do. One simple example could be given in terms of our feelings and our non willingness to own and claim them. We may have deep painful experiences, experiences of deep negativity. It is difficult and painful to work on them. So we do wear masks (knowingly or unknowingly) and avoid living our lives fully.  

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