Faith & Doubt

Many consider doubt and faith as opposites, just like success and failures. Famous saying puts failure as the stepping stones for success. Doubt could be the starting point in the journey towards faith.

0480c73900631c72ea81e4046a217b4eFaith originated in doubt would be stronger rationally and based on the personal experience rather than doctrine based. Many converts to different religions show this aspect. Even the greatest form of faith has a room for doubt which can still lead us to greater faith. Probably we never attain the certainty. And faith doesn’t have any meaning in cases where certainty is achieved.

We live in a a generation when youngsters doubt their faith. It is true in Christianity and in many other religions. They doubt many cultural practices and various other traditions. What has been the response of elders? Many societies struggle to address this issue.  If such traditions/societies can’t address these doubts or consider them as an opportunity for faith formation, they will loose their relevance.

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