OPV – other point of view

It is a very trending item when we speak about tolerance, rehabilitation of refugees, compassion and tenderness (Pope Francis). Fundamentalism, Patriarchy, Terrorism, Rape, Destruction of environment are some occasions where one side forgets the other too speaks, and his speech has some value.

We live in a world where people are afraid to critique behavior patterns or the work of the other person (don’t scratch my back, I won’t scratch yours). The critiques against influential groups are trolled, which includes threats.

We may appreciate such pictures in reel life and class rooms, not in real life.Our secluded lifestyles with minimum opportunities to enter into the life of another is a serious problem. These are the problems; what is the way out??

1. Self Esteem (having a good self image and confident of my views, faith and not afraid of the other dominating me)

2. Openness to other traditions cultivated from childhood. India is known for it, but are we loosing this trend? Hopefully not.

3. The believers getting a true of the holy books, which speak of love, compassion and non-violence.

4. The critique should place the idea appropriately under fact/opinion before critiquing it.

The philosopher Emmanuel Levinas would speak of the face of the other reminding me of my responsibility to him or her. In the world of interconnectedness, all have a responsibility for the other; rich for the poor; have’s for the ‘have nots’. My responsibility also invites me to listen to the other. 

I and my friend (enemy, critique) have a responsibility to and relationship with each other. We are dialogue partners, not rivals in wrestling.

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