When the Student Is Ready..

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”; I heard one of my companion David using this line in the homily practice sessions. When I checked in the internet, I found that this was a very famous line, whose author is obscure. I thought I could write something on this.

In the Indian culture, we have the story of Ekalavya, who learned the skills even when his master was reluctant to teach him. As children and adults, we have heard the inspiring stories of famous personalities who overcome struggles in life to reach the heights. A teacher (whatever/whoever it is) appears when they had the great desire and thirst for learning.

But is it the whole story??

Can we use this statement to justify underdevelopment and lack of educational facilities in many parts of the country? Whether all children would be so motivated that he will be ready for learning like Ekalavya? Whether we have teachers available in all the areas when students are ready for doing something in that particular area?

Don’t we use and encourage many such beautiful quotes and use it for every situations without any discretion? Do we consider the uniqueness of humans before we make generalizing statements? ( I don’t place myself outside the group of culprits making such generalizations)

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