Once upon a time, it was a problem in developing countries. Not any more.. even the developed countries do face the same problem. (After joining​ Jesuits, this was not a personal worry for me, so my authority to comment is slightly less). What we could do about it? Some governments in India do try their bit; the success rate is still very dismal.

With the increasing population and better education facilities, more people are available for the skilled jobs which are not increasing proportionately. Though many colleges encourage and support entrepreneurs, the percentage of them is much less. The governments and agencies should invest much more in such individuals who are ready to take such risks.

The dignity of a farmer is being lessened day by day. Most of the agricultural policies of the government won’t encourage youngsters to take it as a lucrative option. There should be greater funding for agricultural research so that farmer will be able to manage the unpredictable weather conditions. The middle man, who took the majority of the profit of the farmers, should be uprooted from the system.

We should also diversify the education arena by including more  vocational courses. Everybody needn’t be graduates; this will help more people to acquire skills that are useful for a meaningful and decent living.

Let’s young churn out more ideas so that let people don’t die of hunger and starvation; let them not be pulled into terrorism or such fundamentalist groups

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