Reflection on movie

I happen to watch the hindi movie, ‘begum jaan’. I was not so impressed by the movie(I am not a great movie critique). But l was affected quite a lot after watching it; it is fair to say I was disturbed. 

Vidyan Balan is the patron and owner of a brothel. There are many women working as prostitutes. It depicts a part of their life. It is not seen as extremely horrible; may be far from reality.

What troubled me is the existence of such brothels. I have heard the arguments like brothel helps other women to live safely as it is a place for the pleasure seeking men. I can’t understand the logic of this by any angle, but it is a sad reality.

When the patriarchal society (including me) start giving the women her own dignity so that she can live her life meaningfully. When will men understand the meaning of freedom? 

I pray for that freedom for all of us where our freedom us for the good of all and it doesn’t infinge on the freedom of every others.

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